Finding the Best Business Insurance

in South Carolina

Facts about Business Insurance in South Carolina

Business insurance is not required, but some parts of it, like workers’ compensation and commercial vehicle insurance, may be. This insurance can be extremely beneficial if your company is impacted by an accidental fire, severe weather event, property crime, or liability lawsuit.  Will your business be covered if disaster strikes?

More South Carolina business insurance facts

  • SC businesses collect $2.3 billion in claims per year
  • Every year, SC sees more than 160,000 property crimes 
  • In 1989, Hurricane Hugo caused $5.9 billion in damage 
  • On Sept. 7, 2004, 43 tornadoes touched down in this state

Average Cost of Business Insurance in South Carolina

Coverage costs can vary greatly from one business to the next. Rates depend on factors such as the amount of property coverage you need, the liability risks your business faces, and the number of people you employ. In South Carolina, risks like hurricane and tornado damage can causes rates to be higher than in less hazardous states.

Average Cost for the Top Business Insurance Claims

business insurance claims chart

What Makes Independent Agents in South Carolina so Awesome? 

  • Local agents know the coverage needs specific to your city
  • Independent agents work for you, not an insurance company
  • Your agent can help you get great coverage at the best price

Find an Independent Agent in South Carolina

We were searching for general liability insurance and Trusted Choice came up. They gave us a couple of options and directed us over to one company. We then called that company, ran along with it and everything worked out fine. Trusted Choice did an excellent job for us, so we’re really happy. They promptly got us what we needed and it worked out great.

5 Stars Steven of Greenville, SC Review is obtained from Consumer Affairs

What Does Your Business Insurance Policy Cover? 

A solid business insurance plan in South Carolina will take into account all potential hazards, including hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, wind and hail. Commercial insurance includes several different types of coverage, and many include a number of specific coverage options. A comprehensive business policy may include:

  1. Liability insurance:  Covers costs associated with covered liability lawsuits. A tourist slips and falls in your beach gift shop and sues your company for her injuries.
  2. Property insurance: Covers loss or damage to your business-owned property. A tornado touches down and causes extensive damage to your business tools and machinery.
  3. Business interruption insurance: Provides a continuation of income during a forced long-term closure. Your business must remain closed for two months to repair hurricane damage. 
  4. Business personal property:  Pays for damage to your business property. A fire takes place and burns all of your computers.
  5. Employee benefits:  Some South Carolina employers opt to offer health insurance and life insurance to their employees as part of a comprehensive benefits package.

If you are concerned about floods in your area, or if you are in a flood zone, make sure to talk to your agent about flood insurance.

Top Insurance Companies that Support Independent Agents in South Carolina

There are currently 315 independent insurance agents in South Carolina who are ready to help. These independent agents can work with several different insurers and can give you multiple policy options to choose from. That way, you’ll receive completely customized coverage that addresses your company’s specific coverage needs.

Why go Independent

Why Go Independent when looking for Business Insurance

  • Expertise in Your Business
  • Multiple Quotes From One Agent
  • Get More Value for Your Money