Finding the Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance

in South Carolina

Facts about Workers’ Compensation Insurance in South Carolina

Workers’ compensation covers workplace injuries and illnesses. In South Carolina, most employers with an annual payroll of more than $3,000 are required to have this coverage. Exceptions are made for agricultural employees, railroad employees, certain commission-paid real estate agents, and employees of Textile Hall Corporation.

More South Carolina workers' compensation insurance facts

  • There were 43,700 work-related injuries in SC last year
  • Of these, 12,800 injuries required time off work
  • Sadly, 96 of these workplace injuries proved fatal
  • SC’s goods-producing industry had the most injuries

Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in South Carolina

Your workers’ compensation insurance cost will depend on the types of jobs your employees do, your company’s overall payroll, and the rate of injuries within your industry. It should come as no surprise that it costs more to cover an employee at one of South Carolina’s aircraft production plants than it does to cover an accountant.

Cost Range of Workers' Compensation Insurance in South Carolina (per $50,000 in payroll)

What Makes Independent Agents in South Carolina so Awesome? 

  • Local agents know the coverage needs specific to your city
  • Independent agents work for you, not an insurance company
  • Your agent can help you get great coverage at the best price

Find an Independent Agent in South Carolina

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What Does Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Cover?

Workers’ compensation insurance protects employers and employees alike. Employees do not need to worry that a workplace injury will cause them financial hardship, and employers can avoid expensive liability lawsuits. South Carolina’s business owners can expect their workers’ compensation policy to include the following:

  1. Treatment of workplace injuries: Covers accidental injuries in the workplace. An employee at an automotive manufacturing plant dislocates his arm in a work accident.
  2. Treatment of work-related illnesses: Covers treatment of illnesses caused by exposure to toxic substance in the workplace. A chemical production engineer breathes in noxious fumes.
  3. Follow-up treatment: Many workplace injuries and illnesses clear up quickly on their own. Others require extensive follow-up treatment. Workers’ compensation can cover the cost.
  4. Lost wage compensation: When employees must take time off to recuperate from workplace injuries or illnesses, workers' compensation ensures they will still receive income.
  5. Death benefits: Nearly 100 workplace injuries result in death every year in SC. When this happens, workers’ comp insurance can provide benefits to surviving family members.

Top Insurance Companies that Support Independent Agents in South Carolina 

There are 315 independent insurance agents in South Carolina who are ready to help. These agents are familiar with workers’ compensation and other business insurance policies. Because they are independent, they can shop around for the best worker’s compensation policy to meet your business’s specific coverage and budgetary needs.

Why go Independent

Why Go Independent when looking for Workers' Comp

  • Better Value and Service
  • Multiple Quotes, One Call
  • We Know Your Industry