Finding the Best Vacation Home Insurance

in South Carolina

Facts about Vacation Home Insurance in South Carolina

Vacation home insurance is not required by law, but it is required by lenders. So if you have a mortgage or a home equity loan on your property, you will need insurance. In South Carolina, where hurricanes, tropical storms, and even tornados can cause significant property damage, insuring your vacation home Is particularly important.

  • Hurricanes are the primary threat to SC vacation homes
  • In 1989, Hurricane Hugo caused $5.9 billion in damage
  • The state sees an average of 23 tornadoes a year
  • Property crime in SC is 32.36% higher than the US average

Cost of Vacation Home Insurance in South Carolina

Your vacation home insurance costs will depend on the size, value, and location of your property; whether you rent it out to others when not in use; the amount of time it remains unoccupied throughout the year; and the amount of coverage you wish to purchase. Vacation homes along the coast can be very expensive to insure.

Average Cost of Vacation Home Insurance

home insurance vs vacation home insurance chart

What Makes Independent Agents in South Carolina so Awesome?

  • Local agents know the coverage needs specific to your city
  • Independent agents work for you, not an insurance company
  • Your agent can help you get great coverage at the best price

Find an Independent Agent in South Carolina

I went to TrustedChoice's website to get a phone number and it was very simple to navigate. They had a list of agents based on my zip code and they recommended some insurance companies that best fit my needs. They were the resource for me to get to those independent contractors and I eventually got to the right one. They pointed me in the right direction, and were good enough for me to recommend them to anyone in my situation.

5 Stars Abdullah of Columbia, SC Review is obtained from Consumer Affairs

What Does Your Vacation Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Your vacation home insurance will be customized to meet the specific needs of your extra residence. What is right for one property owner is not necessarily the best choice for another. For example, some people rent out their vacation homes when they are not using them, while others keep them for use solely within their family.

  1. Liability insurance: Covers the costs associated with covered liability lawsuits. A visitor in your Myrtle Beach vacation home is severely injured after falling on loose flooring.
  2. Property insurance: Covers loss or damage to your house and its contents. A tornado touches down near your Charleston vacation home and the wind destroys the roof and pool house.
  3. Landlord insurance: Provides extra liability coverage if you rent your vacation home out to tenants. A family renting your Hilton Head home become ill because of bacteria in the pool.
  4. Vacant home insurance: Covers your home during times it is unoccupied. Vandals break into your Surfside Beach vacation home during the off-season and damage your property.
  5. Hurricane insurance: Make certain that your vacation home policy includes hurricane coverage, particularly if your property is along the coast. Some insurers exclude this coverage.

If you are concerned about floods in your area, or if you are in a flood zone, make sure to talk to your agent about flood insurance.

Top Insurance Companies that Support Independent Agents in South Carolina

There are 315 independent insurance agents in South Carolina who are ready to help. These agents can work with several different insurance companies to provide you with multiple quotes and policy options to choose from. That way you’ll receive completely customized coverage that addresses your vacation home’s specific coverage needs.

Why go Independent

Why Go Independent when looking for Vacation Home Insurance

  • The Right Coverage
  • Better Value
  • Expertise in Your State