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Is Hotel Safe during a Hurricane?

Is it safe to ride out a hurricane in a hotel? What should you do to prepare yourself and your room? Where should you find information and instructions? Find out about what to do if you're in a hotel when a hurricane watch is issued.

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How to prepare for a hurricane

How to Prepare for a Hurricane in South Carolina

Whether you live along the coast of South Carolina or well inland, you need to know what to do before, during, and after a hurricane in order to protect your home and family. Learn how to prepare your home, apartment, or car before the storm hits. And find out how your homeowners insurance can help you recover.

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How to Prevent House Fires in South Carolina

There are ways that you can prevent fires in your home as well as stop the spread and minimize the damage if a fire starts. If you do have a fire in your South Carolina home, it’s important to know the role that your homeowners insurance plays in your recovery. An independent insurance agent can help SC homeowners.

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Does flood insurance cover hurricanes

Does Flood Insurance Cover Hurricanes in South Carolina?

Does flood insurance cover hurricanes in South Carolina? Find out how flood insurance covers flood damage after a hurricane, and how your homeowners policy can help you with other hurricane damage. An independent insurance agent can make sure you have the coverage you need for hurricanes in South Carolina .

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Am I in a Flood Zone

Am I in a Flood Zone in South Carolina?

How can I tell if my South Carolina home is in a flood zone? Find out if you need to have flood insurance if you live in a flood zone. An independent insurance agent in South Carolina can help you find out more about the flood risk in your community, and can help make sure you have the coverage you need for your home.

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